Born of parents passionate about music and travel, Audie B made her first steps in Paris and at the age of 3 began dancing. At the age of 7, she left France for Australia, her second homeland. She lived in the coastal city of Newcastle near Sydney and spent all her free time practicing dance and music.

She joined Royal Academy of Dance classical ballet classes at the age of 9. She then took up modern jazz and contemporary dance under the direction of Marie Walton-Mahon at the National College of Dance.

Before embarking on university studies, Audie B took a year off, ending up in France. She enriched her artistic skills, undertaking acting courses at the Cours Florent, and dancing classes at the International Dance Academy of Paris and the Janine Stanlowa Institute.

Back in Sydney to complete her university studies, Audie B worked as a choreographer for various clients including Elite Fashion Events, Elite Podium Dancers, Melissa James, and Lauren Day, as a dance teacher and resident ballerina at the Marquee Club in Sydney, and as a TV presenter.

Passionate about dance and travelling, she then worked for 3 years on the Ponant cruise ships line as a dancer. Audie B immersed herself in all the landscapes and cultures she met and deepened her art and passion for writing songs, especially hip hop and rap.

In 2016, she decided to settle in Paris. Since then she has been in a musical, participated in film clips and films such as Serial Bad Weddings 2, Tv Presenter at QVC & and continued her passion for music.

In 2018, Audie B began working with Sidney H and independent music label and launched herself full time as a rap and hip hop artist & songwriter.